Financial Times: "Nintendo Adds Nearly $1.4 Billion in Value With Cardboard"

Nintendo Labo has officially been announced, and the reactions have been mixed. On one hand, many [...]

Nintendo Labo has officially been announced, and the reactions have been mixed. On one hand, many find the latest addition for Nintendo Switch to be a fun and playful activity that makes for a fun family bonding experience, which is who it was intended for. Others are calling it an expensive cardboard box. Regardless on where you stand on that reactionary spectrum, the creationary tool is already a big hit for pre-order numbers and the Financial Times reports that it's meaning big things for the Big N.

The Financial Times really hit the cardboard angle hard when explaining how this next step in play style will benefit the company. With the Nintendo Switch reaching a bigger audience than ever before with its growing third party support, the potential for growth is already there. Labo offers still that connection to the younger audience while still engaging adults with "family play," or simply because it looks cool.

According to Serkan Toko, an industry consultant, this move is incredibly strategic and reminds the market that at the core, Nintendo still is known for their "toy" magic. Macquarie analyst David Gibson adds, "This is exactly the kind of crazy idea that Nintendo are known for which be believe will help expand the company's audience."

With the base Labo 'Variety Kit' retailing at $69.99, and additional kits sold separately, it does keep that traditional "it's only us, limited supply" hype traffic going - not unlike the amiibo craze when it first hit, and the current crisis of mini-retro console stock. Still, it's a perfect way to blend the traditional Nintendo name with that of their growing third party market. At the end of the day, it's something new and it is something that is as playful and engaging as the Nintendo brand itself.

If you're interested in trying one out, Nintendo is hosting a few demo stations for the Labo kits before their April 20th launch. For those living in, or around, the San Francisco and New York City areas - these demos will be available to you at their Nintendo locations. Sign ups are also available for the three hour event, which can be done right here.

  • New York City
    • February 2-3
  • San Francisco
    • March 2-4