Nintendo Shows Off Real-Life Mario Shoes for Mario Day

Nintendo's Mario Day celebrations are in full swing this week with a new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mario-themed deals on games and such, and more underway from Thursday into the weekend. No new game announcements were made, much to the disappointment of those who were looking forward to that sort of thing, but we did get something else interesting in return: Mario's boots. Nintendo promised this week during the Nintendo Direct focused on The Super Mario Bros. Movie that we'd get a look at some in-person recreations of these shoes on Friday, and sure enough, we've gotten exactly that alongside some behind-the-scenes footage showing off how this project came to be.

The shoes are only viewable at the Nintendo New York location, so if you're not anywhere near there, you'll have to live vicariously through others who were able to attend the event. An unveiling took place with Mario's shoes housed safely inside of a case where onlookers could gawk at Mario's Goomba stompers. You can see an account of that unveiling below courtesy of Twitter user Chicknfit who captured the moment.

Many people seem to be hung up on the fact that these shoes have laces with some pointing out that this just might be the first time that's been seen again since Luigi's Mansion when it was shown that Luigi (and presumably Mario, too) had laced-up boots. It's something that most people probably never thought about much, but iconic shoes still change every now and then, so in this new Mario movie, at least, Mario has laces.

For those interested in the ideas behind this recreation of Mario's shoes, Nintendo partnered with Red Wing to make the shoes a reality. A video was also shared after the shoes were unveiled to show off some of the work that went into them. You can see that behind-the-scenes video below, too.

To be clear, even though Red Wing worked with Nintendo to create these shoes, there's no indication right now that anything like these will be sold as actual, wearable products. The Mario shoes are just a recreation of virtual look right now, and it's presumed they'll stay only a promo unless something changes in the future.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to head to theaters on April 5th. Tickets for the movie are available now.