Nintendo Has a Gorgeous Phone Case Line - Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and More

Nintendo always has neat accessories for their fans, and phones are not to be excluded from those [...]

Nintendo always has neat accessories for their fans, and phones are not to be excluded from those fandom-driven upgrades. Nintendo has a stunning high quality mobile line available in Japan (for now), that offer a stylized version of some of the hottest franchises.


From Animal Crossing, to Splatoon and Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild - these flip cases offer amazing protection while almost looking like a relic you'd find in game. Luckily, you don't have to complete any shrines to get these, but you would need to import from Japan until an international formal released is announced.

The cases are gorgeous, and soft! Now if we could just get that western announcement. The prices range from $23 - $40 after yen conversion, and can be found here, exclusively for iPhone devices.

In other Nintendo news, have you checked out the latest episode of the new Nintendo Power Podcast? The epic return of a beloved magazine in a more technologically update form brings back some solid Nintendo memories. For the upcoming episode, the folks over at the podcast told Nintendo Life about an upcoming interview with Chris Slate and Kit Ellis, while also talking about what it means to embody such a staple in Nintendo history, "There's a tremendous number of people in Nintendo of America that love Nintendo Power, and the podcast feels like a modern execution of the magazine concept, giving the player stories from within Nintendo in an extended, in-depth approach."

You can read more about the interview, and what's in store for future episodes, with our previous coverage here! Don't forget, Splatoon 2 fans, to also check out the latest Splatfest going on now which faces off Action fans versus those loyal Comedy folks. Hey, at least we don't have to fight about Ketchup and Mayonnaise this time - that's an improvement!