Nintendo Reportedly Cancelled a Star Fox Claymation Show

It seems that a claymation series based on the Star Fox franchise was once in production from [...]

It seems that a claymation series based on the Star Fox franchise was once in production from College Humor, but the series was cancelled by Nintendo. According to Adam Conover from the Adam Ruins Everything podcast, the series was shelved by Nintendo following leaks about a different project: a Zelda live-action series from Netflix. Fans of the Star Fox franchise have been starving for new content since the release of 2016's Star Fox Zero, the last new game released in the series. While a television series isn't quite what fans have been asking for, it might have helped fill the void!

The clip from the Adam Ruins Everything podcast was shared by @supererogatory on Twitter, and can be found embedded below.

If there's one Nintendo series that seems perfectly suited for television or film, it's easily Star Fox. Traditionally, Nintendo's protagonists have been mostly silent, but the Star Fox series has been fully-voiced since the release of Star Fox 64, back in 1997. Some of Shigeru Miyamoto's inspiration for the first Star Fox also came from the Thunderbirds television series, so a shift to television wouldn't have been a stretch. The games have also featured a number of different planets, villains, and supporting characters that could have featured in the show, as well.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Nintendo has been hesitant about projects based on its IP since the days of the Super Mario Bros. movie. After someone at Netflix leaked news of the Zelda series, Nintendo opted to pull the plug on all of its upcoming ventures, including the Star Fox series from College Humor. Things have changed since then, and Nintendo is currently working on a movie based on Mario alongside Illumination. That might not make Star Fox fans feel better, but now that Conover has shared the story, perhaps Nintendo might revisit the concept if there's enough interest!

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