The Nintendo 'Super Mario' Boo Bean Bag Chair Isn't Shy


This Super Mario Boo Bean Bag Chair doesn't mind when you look at it. In fact, you can lay right on top of this big ol' Boo and snuggle up as much as you like. Then again, maybe this is some sort of weird purgatory for painfully shy ghosts where they are forced to endure excessive human contact. Either way, you're going to be nice and comfy.

The Super Mario Boo Bean Bag Chair measures 38" wide x 28" tall x 38" deep and it's available to pre-order for $139.99 at ThinkGeek (plus $40 shipping surcharge / UPDATE: ThinkGeek dropped it to $25) and $149.99 at GameStop (plus $12 handling fee / UPDATE: GameStop dropped the price to $139.99) with a release date set for November 19th. The difference in price / surcharges is odd because GameStop and ThinkGeek are part of the same company, but it might be a good idea to check both sites to see what the final totals will be with all shipping charges and taxes factored in. The chair is a GameStop/ThinkGeek exclusive, so the links above are the only places you'll be able to get it.

snorlax beanbag

On a related note, the legendary Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair is also in stock at ThinkGeek for $149.99 (before shipping - no surcharges). It has a history of sell outs, so if you're thinking about grabbing one for the holidays, take advantage of this opportunity while you can. The official description reads:

"In this world of nothing but go-go-go, we often feel like Snorlax is more our speed. It spends most of its time sleeping. It's not picky about leftovers, and it seldom exercises. Yep. Snorlax understands us."

"There's nowhere better to relax after a long day of work, school, or just being out and about than on your Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair. At 4 feet head to toe and over 2 feet across, this (s)lumbering Pokémon is perfect for your dorm room, your den, your bedroom, or right inside the door where you can collapse on it when you get in. Just remember not to block the road. It does not ship with a flute."


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