The Nintendo Switch Lite is Only $180 For Amazon Prime Members


There have been a few modest deals on the Nintendo Switch Lite since Black Friday in the form of bundles or credits, but straight up discounts have been very, very rare. However, there's one happening on Amazon's Woot site if you're a Prime member.

At the time of writing you can get a Nintendo Switch Lite in Turquoise, Yellow, or Gray for $179.99 right here at Woot with free shipping. Just make sure that you login to the site using the Amazon button (Woot is owned by Amazon). The deal will end on December 7th or when supplies run out.

If you're unfamiliar, the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't actually do any switching, there are no Joy-Cons (though it can connect to extra controllers), and the screen is smaller at 5.5-inches. However, the Lite does offer the same fundamental handheld experience as the standard Switch at a price point that's $100 cheaper. It's also more portable, has more color options, and an actual D-pad.


If you're willing to spend more to get the full-fledged Nintendo Switch, one of the best options of the holiday season is this Nintendo Switch bundle (new and improved battery life model) with Mario red Joy-Con styling, a $20 eShop credit, and a carrying case for $299. In other words, the unique color, eShop credit, and carrying case are all free bonuses.

The Mario Red Nintendo Switch bundle is available right here at Walmart (exclusive) Odds are we won't see a better deal on the Nintendo Switch for the rest of the year, so grab it while you can.


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