Mysterious Nintendo Switch Game Revealed in Massive New Leak

A mysterious new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has leaked, and it has Nintendo fans going wild with speculation. Recently, Capcom suffered a network breach, which in turn revealed a copious amount of sensitive information, including word that it's working on a Nintendo Switch exclusive game codenamed "Guillotine." Unfortunately, the salient details end here. We know the project's codename and that it's apparently a Switch exclusive, but that's all we know. There's no word of a release date, what type of game it is, or what internal Capcom team is making it.

While the details end here, the codename itself does leave room for speculation. A Guillotine is a machine, equipped with a heavy, vertically sliding blade, that's used for beheading people. It's commonly associated with the medieval era and revolutions, so of course, the possible implications here is that this is a medieval game or a game about a revolution. However, given that it's a Switch exclusive, the latter is probably the less likely of the two possibilities.

At the moment of publishing, neither Capcom nor Nintendo have specifically commented on this specific leak, leaving Switch and Switch Lite users with nothing but speculation. Capcom isn't a stranger to making exclusive games for Nintendo hardware, but typically Switch and Switch Lite exclusives are made by Nintendo itself, so it's always notable when a major third party is working on an exclusive for the platform.

That said, for now, take all of this -- the leak, and especially the speculation -- with a grain of salt. For now, this leak hasn't been validated with a confirmation, making it unofficial information, even if the source in question is hard to doubt.

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H/T, Capcom.