Nintendo Switch Game Unexpectedly Removed From eShop

A Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has been unexpectedly removed from the Nintendo eShop, but don't worry, it's coming back. In fact, not only is it coming back, but it sounds like it's coming back alongside a new update that will improve the game. More specifically, if you can't find Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San on the Nintendo eShop, it's because the game has been removed from sale not long after its second anniversary.

Taking to Twitter the game's former publisher, Nicalis, has announced it no longer owns the right to the game, and thus it has pulled its listing for it from the Nintendo eShop. The game's rights now belong to developer Christophe Galati, who will be bringing the game back to the digital storefront through means of self-publishing.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear when the game will return to the Nintendo eShop, but we do know it will return with a new update that Nicalis couldn't previously release. Meanwhile, the Steam version of the game has also been removed from sale but will return alongside the Switch version.

"After working together to develop Save me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako-San for Nintendo Switch and PC, it's time for Nicalis and Deneos to go their separate ways," said Nicalis on Twitter. "Though our professional relationship has ended, it's been an honor for the team at Nicalis to mentor and assist Christophe with his first commercial release, and Christophe is extremely grateful to the Nicalis team for being an instrumental part of the game's story and success. And to you, the players: Thanks for helping to save Mr. Tako!"

As for what the game's new update will add when it re-releases, Galati doesn't say, but we do know a patch for the game has been available for a while, but Nicalis was unable to release it due to economical reasons.


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H/T, Nintendo Everything.