Nintendo Switch Shadow Drops Two New Games Following Indie World

Switch fans can check out two new "cozy" games.

Two new games on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED platforms have today been shadow dropped in the wake of Nintendo's Indie World showcase. To kick off this morning, Nintendo held its latest Indie World broadcast to highlight a number of lesser-known titles that would soon be landing on Switch. As luck would have it, two of the games that appeared during the event happened to be available to purchase and play the moment that it wrapped up. 

As of today, both Stitch and Sticky Business have arrived on Nintendo Switch. The first game of the pair, Stitch, happens to be a puzzle game that is all about embroidery. Coming from Lykke Studios, the puzzles of Stitch come in a variety of difficulties and are said to provide a "relaxing and calming experience." While some puzzle titles might drive players mad if they can't find a solution, Stitch is more about keeping things laid-back. The game can be picked up on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99. 

Sticky Business happens to be another "cozy" game that is about running your own business. The game gives players the tools to create their own unique stickers based on requests from various customers. Doing so won't only be beneficial for the business, but it will allow you to learn more about the customers and their backstories. In addition to the base game, Sticky Business also has an additional Plan With Me DLC pack that can be snatched up as well. This add-on happens to include ten new customers and over 100 additional sticker options. The "Complete Bundle" for Sticky Business that features all of this content can be bought for $11.33. 

To learn more about Stitch and Sticky Business, you can check out the launch trailers and official descriptions for each down below. 


"Stitch. is a casual puzzle game with embroidery on a numbered grid. The main objective is to fill in the levels' areas with no gaps to complete Hoops. Stitch. lets you create beautiful embroidery patterns, by solving levels and Hoops of various difficulties and sizes. It's easy to learn, but hard to master! Stitch up all the beautiful landscapes, plants, animals, objects, and more.

Stitch. offers an expansive range of playable content and thousands of easy to extremely challenging levels. Pick the pattern, size, and category of the Hoop you prefer and move forward through the levels to create an embroidered masterpiece."

Sticky Business

"In Sticky Business you run your own cozy small business – and it's all about getting creative while letting your imagination run wild as you create stickers, arrange sticker sheets, pack orders, and hear more about your customers' stories every time they buy stickers! Because no shop is complete without its customers! 

Each one will ask for different stickers, and by fulfilling their requests, not only will you impress your customers, but you'll also learn more about their lives. Choose from over 400 elements when creating your stickers. Plus, you can also add effects like glitter and sparkles to build your next favorite sticker. Improve your sticker business day by day and build the cutest shop on the internet."