Nintendo Switch Online Adds 3 SNES Classics

Nintendo refreshes the Nintendo Switch Online's SNES Collection with 3 more games.

Nintendo treated Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to three more Super Nintendo Entertainment System games this week. Continuing its trend of adding new Nintendo Switch Online games late on Thursday nights, Nintendo announced this week that Wrecking Crew '98, Super R-Type, and Amazing Hebereke are all now SNES games that can be played if you've got an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Japan also got two more Nintendo Switch Online game exclusive to that region, though they're not so popular that they'd make subscribers elsewhere too jealous.

The first of those new SNES games, Wrecking Crew '98, is actually a Mario game, though you wouldn't know it as such by the name alone. Wrecking Cre 8 is a puzzler, Super R-Type is a sidescrolling stage blaster, and Amazing Hebereke is basically a super early take on what a battle royale game could look like.

More on each of those games can be found below, and you can go ahead and play them all right now if you've got a Nintendo Switch Online subscription:

New Nintendo Switch Online Games

Wrecking Crew '98

"In Wrecking Crew, you control Mario and must dodge enemy attacks as you destroy walls and ladders. Once you wreck it all, you've cleared the stage! Wrecking Crew '98, on the other hand, is a competition. Destroy and arrange panels to line up matching colors. Line up three or more to clear them, and clear four or more panels to launch an attack on your opponent—the more panels you clear at once, the more powerful your attack. If your opponent crosses the line at the top for longer than three seconds, victory is yours!"

Super R-Type

"The BYDO Empire of mutant extraterrestrials is back with evil intent and awesome power. Now the evil empire is poised to launch a new attack on Earth. Only the revolutionary R-9, the planet's most advanced form of defense, stands between these monsters and doom. Fight through seven challenging stages—picking up power-up items as you progress—on the way to each stage's climatic boss. You'll need lightning reflexes, intuitive moves, and a big dose of cosmic luck to hold your own!"

Amazing Hebereke

"Originally released for the Super Famicom system in 1994, Amazing Hebereke features battles with up to four characters where the last one standing is the winner! Hebereke, along with each of the other characters, can perform two kinds of special attacks in addition to their normal attacks. Use your attacks in combination with the items and traps on each stage to take control and earn your hard-fought victory!"

Over in Japan, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers also got Marvelous: Mōhitotsu no Takarajima and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, though the latter was already availabl elsewhere, so those subscribers really only got one new game others might lack.