Nintendo Switch Mini Potentially Outed by Leaked Accessory

An accessory that's said to be for a Nintendo Switch Mini has reportedly leaked to lend some credence to rumors about the console that's supposedly in development. If the leak is to be believed, this might be our best look that we've gotten yet to show what the miniature version of the console might look like. Nintendo still hasn't confirmed anything itself about these rumors though and likely won't until the console is potentially announced.

WinFuture reported on a new silicone case from Bigben, a company that's known for its Nintendo Switch accessories. What's different about this case though is that it doesn't say it's for a normal Switch – instead, it says it's for something called the "Mini Switch 2." The image of the case in question can be found below, and a gallery hosted through WinFuture shows what the Nintendo Switch Mini will supposedly look like compared to a normal. The smaller console is roughly the size of a Switch if you took the Joy-Cons off the full-size device, supposedly.

Nintendo Switch Mini
(Photo: WinFuture)

Other interesting details can be gathered from the leaked case. It covers the whole Switch which means that the Joy-Cons don't look like they have a way to disconnect from the console's body. Some of the rumored details about Nintendo's new Switch models suggested that the cheaper option would only be playable in handheld mode. If you factor in that rumor with the size of this device and the fact that the Joy-Cons are apparently stuck in place, that rumor has a bit more credit.

It's also worth noting that the name "Mini Switch 2" that's appeared on the accessory's case is one that we haven't seen before. Returning to the rumor that Nintendo is developing two new Switches, there's some evidence there to suggest that the console which is supposedly geared towards more avid gamers is the Switch 2 while the miniature version would therefore be called the Mini Switch 2.


This isn't the first time that accessories for the Nintendo Switch Mini or whatever it may be called have leaked. Accessories that look similar in design to the one shown above have appeared online as well, though Nintendo still isn't confirming the rumors one way or another. The company did acknowledge these types of rumors and reports, though it said it wouldn't be answering questions about any possible leaks so as to avoid spoiling any surprises.