Super Mario Nintendo Switch OLED Console Revealed

A new Switch OLED tied to Nintendo's mascot launches in October.

Nintendo has today announced that a new version of its Switch OLED console will soon be releasing in early October. Since the arrival of the Switch OLED back in 2021, Nintendo has released a handful of special edition versions of the hardware to tie in with various games. Some of these models have been tied to Splatoon 3, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Now, to coincide with Nintendo's biggest game of the fall, this trend will be 

Unveiled to close out today's Nintendo Direct presentation centered around Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo showed off its new Switch OLED console that is themed around Mario. This is the first Mario-themed Switch OLED that Nintendo has released, although past models of the standard Switch have been let loose in the past that boast a similar color scheme. Outside of featuring Joy-Cons and a Switch dock that resembles Mario's specific shade of red, this hardware also comes with a couple of additional surprises that fans are sure to get a kick out of. 

"Warp into a world of games with the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: Mario Red Edition system," says Nintendo's official description of the platform. "The system features a console, dock, and Joy-Con controllers all in the iconic Mario Red color. A silhouette design of Mario jumps into action on the back of the dock. Look closely, and you'll also find some hidden coins!"

When Does the Mario Nintendo Switch OLED Release?

This new Nintendo Switch OLED platform is poised to release in a little over one month and will hit stores on October 6. This launch is only a few weeks before the arrival of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. As for the price of this Switch OLED console, it will retail for the OLED's typical fare of $349.99. Currently, if you're interested in snagging this platform for yourself, Nintendo has pre-orders for the console already available on its own website

Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder Included?


Since this new Nintendo Switch OLED is being released to line up with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, many fans might naturally think that the game would come packaged with this version of the console. After all, some past Switch bundles have come with various games that they're tied to. In this case, though, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not included with this Mario-themed Switch OLED. Instead, those who are interested in Mario's latest 2D adventure will have to buy the game separately when it comes to Switch on October 20.