Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Next N64 Game

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers will soon get a chance to play the next Nintendo 64 game on the service: Mario Golf! The game will be added on April 15th, making it the 14th N64 game available as part of the online service. Mario Golf released on the system back in 1999, and quickly became one of the console's most beloved games. Mario Golf has seen a number of re-releases over the years, appearing on both Nintendo Wii and Wii U as part of the Virtual Console. However, it's a safe bet that a lot of Nintendo fans will be excited to revisit it once again!

Nintendo's announcement regarding Mario Golf can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Mario Golf's announcement for the Expansion Pack does not come as too big of a surprise. Nintendo first announced the Expansion Pack last September, and the company showcased a number of games that would be released for the service over the coming months. Mario Golf was one of the few remaining games that had not yet been released, so it was only a matter of time! Following Mario Golf's release, fans can still expect to see Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and the original Pokemon Snap released for the service.

After the release of those two games, it's unclear which N64 games will come next. There are still a number of major N64 games that released on the Virtual Console that have yet to be made available on Switch, including Donkey Kong 64, Wave Race, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Mario Party 2, to name a few. There are also several other great games that did not appear on Virtual Console, including Resident Evil 2 and Mega Man 64. Rumors have suggested that GoldenEye: 007 could appear, but there are a number of potential legal hurdles, and the game has never been officially offered since its original debut. Whatever comes next, Nintendo certainly has a lot of other great games to choose from!

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