Is Nintendo Switch Online Adding Game Boy Games?

Over the last few weeks, rumors have suggested that Game Boy games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online. That rumor has come from multiple sources, including insider NateDrake. During the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games were revealed as part of a higher-priced tier for Nintendo Switch Online, but there was nothing said about Game Boy games. However, multiple insiders are now stating that Game Boy games are still part of the plans for the service, including NateDrake, and Eurogamer news editor Tom Philips. Philips claims that he had heard about Game Boy games from the same sources that informed him about N64 and Genesis.

"Fwiw, N64 and Mega Drive were the two NSO platforms I'd heard about alongside Game Boy/Color. I'd imagine N64/Mega Drive are being rolled out first as they're more enticing things to prompt people to upgrade," Philips wrote on Twitter.

It's certainly possible that Nintendo decided to focus on Genesis and Nintendo 64 because those consoles are bigger draws for viewers. NateDrake seems to have a different theory, though: the insider believes that these games might be coming to the standard price tier for Nintendo Switch Online, and Nintendo might not have wanted to confuse viewers about what options are included in each pricing structure. If that is the case, that would likely come as welcome news to those that don't think it's worth upgrading from the current tier.

"I would anticipate that Game Boy and Game Boy Color are part of the current Nintendo Switch Online service and they [Nintendo] didn't want to conflate the two," NateDrake said in a recent episode of Nate the Hate.

Readers should still keep in mind that this is all just a rumor, and plans are constantly changing in the video game industry. However, Phillips and NateDrake have both proven quite reliable in the past. Given how prominent this rumor is, and how many great Nintendo games existed on the Game Boy, it seems like a safe bet that this will happenat some point. For now, fans will just have to wait and see!

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