'One Piece: World Seeker' Opening Cinematic Revealed Alongside New Trailer

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Today, Bandai Namco revealed the opening cinematic -- also known as the opening movie -- of One Piece: World Seeker at Jump Festa 2019.

But that's not all, Bandai Namco also has released the fifth and latest trailer alongside the cinematic. The latter is unfortunately in Japanese though, so unless you speak the language you might be a little lost, but hey, at least there's some new gameplay footage to enjoy.

Here's the opening cinematic:

And here's the new trailer:

For those that don't know: in One Piece: World Seeker, players play as Monkey D. Luffy as he explores Prison Island, which was torn apart and destroyed by war a few years ago, and only recently has begun the rebuilding process under the eye of the Navy.


The game is pitched as a completely new One Piece adventure for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates with an original story featuring Luffy battling and exploring an expansive and seamless world, the latter of which is comprised of open landscapes that are said to provide many paths for players to experience Luffy's gum-gum abilities.

One Piece: World Seeker is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is actually coming pretty soon. The game will arrive on March 14, 2019 in Japan and a day later in North America and Europe. At the moment of publishing this, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port, which seems unlikely at this point. But that hasn't stopped One Piece fans from boarding the hype train, well most of them at least.