Overkill's The Walking Dead Leak Reveals Unannounced Character

A leaked article from the Official Xbox Magazine revealed a new character in Overkill’s The [...]

A leaked article from the Official Xbox Magazine revealed a new character in Overkill's The Walking Dead, an unannounced character that's said to be the leader of the main group.

Overkill's take on The Walking Dead isn't just an article in the Official Xbox Magazine's July issue either with the game featured prominently as the magazine's cover story. The issue that's due out next month was leaked online with a Reddit post including an Imgur gallery of the article in the Xbox One subreddit.

While the article that previews Overkill's The Walking Dead contains plenty of insights into the upcoming game and details about its characters and setting, it also revealed a new character: Anderson Banks. Overkill Software's executive producer Saul Gascon said that Banks is the fifth character in the game that hasn't been mentioned by name, until now.

"So the leader of the group is actually 'Anderson Banks'," Gascon told Official Xbox Magazine. "He's not in any of the four trailers, but basically the whole group revolves around this person."

Overkill's The Walking Dead New Character
(Photo: Official Xbox Magazine (Imgur))

The magazine reported that the Banks will also have his own camp which will be shared with the four-person group of protagonists that's already been revealed by Overkill.

While the news of the fifth character is indeed unheard of up until this point, there's also another character that has received just as few details. Heather is the last member of the group that's going to be featured in the game's last story trailer, the developers confirmed to the magazine, but her role wasn't discussed. The developers said that this was intentional and said that the order that things have been released in has been quite intentional.

"Let's just say that it's intentional that we haven't said much about her yet," Overkill's global brand direction Almir Listo said. "There's definitely been a very clear idea on our part in how we wanted to present OWTD. This is a game that means the world to us. We've been working on it ever since the release of Payday 2 back in 2013, so it's been a long time coming. We started with the Aiden trailer in December where we began the story we wanted to tell. There is definitely intention behind the order in which we released the trailers."

Overkill's The Walking Dead is scheduled to release this year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.