Overwatch 2 Will Be Featured in Upcoming Overwatch League Season

Even though we still don't know when the upcoming sequel, Overwatch 2, is planned to release for the general public, professional players will be able to start getting their hands on the game in the early part of next year. As part of the upcoming 2022 season of the Overwatch League, it has now been confirmed that the pro gaming scene will begin to utilize an "early" version of Overwatch 2 for competition, rather than continuing to use the original game in its current form.

News of this change for the Overwatch League comes directly from Jon Spector, who is the VP of game's competitive circuit. Spector took to social media this afternoon to confirm a previous report that had emerged stating that Overwatch 2 would be used in Overwatch League starting in 2022. Spector didn't say much else about this specific development, but he did also reveal that next year's season is slated to begin in April 2022. "We will share more details about 2022 roster construction timelines soon and more info generally on our 2022 season as we get closer to April," Spector said of when more information will begin to emerge for the next Overwatch League season.

The fact that the Overwatch League will be using an "early" version of Overwatch 2 tells us a couple of important things. For starters, it's clear that the game itself won't be launching any time prior to April 2022. So if you thought that a launch in the early portion of next year was probable, you can now dash those hopes.

More importantly, though, the notion that Overwatch 2 will be used in this manner for Overwatch League does indicate that the game's release should be coming about at some point next year. Even though the team behind the sequel at Blizzard still hasn't committed to any sort of release window for Overwatch 2, for it to begin being used in Overwatch League at the very least suggests that we should start to learn more about launch plans at some point in the coming months.

So what do you think that this news could mean for the potential release of Overwatch 2? Do you think that the game will end up arriving next year? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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