Overwatch 2 Players Divided Over Free Season 2 Skins

Overwatch 2 players were recently promised some more free skins during Season 2 after expressing frustrations with the new free-to-play system, and now, players have a better idea of what those free skins will look like. The only issue that some have taken with them is that not all of the skins are new – some are ones that longtime Overwatch players may already have in their possession. That's led those players who already have the skins to wonder what's in store for them when it comes to the cosmetics' associated events.

The free skins in question are the Epic Ice Queen Brigitte, Legendary Winged Victory Mercy, and Legendary Kkachi Echo skins. The first of those – the one for Brigitte – is new, but the other two aren't and were earnable in Overwatch prior to the release of Overwatch 2. Blizzard never specified that the free skins in Season 2 would be new ones, and while these two preexisting ones aren't looked down on by any means, some had gotten their hopes up for new cosmetics.

The tweet below from the Overwatch Cavalry account shows the three cosmetics being given away over the next couple of events.

"We're bringing back the Winter Wonderland event starting December 13 through January 4 and Lunar New Year event starting January 17 through February 1— both with new and improved rewards," a preview of Blizzard's event plans referencing these cosmetics said. "Each event this season will have a skin as a reward that you can earn simply by jumping in the fun and completing challenges—this includes Epic Ice Queen Brigitte, Legendary Winged Victory Mercy, and Legendary Kkachi Echo."

Since then, players have been expressing their frustrations with the situation within the Overwatch 2 boards and other social forums. For those who don't have the skins yet, this isn't such a bad deal. Those who do have them, however, are wondering if they'll get in-game credits as compensation for the duplicate rewards.

If nothing else, people will be able to get more free skins through Twitch Drops. Those include a Legendary Ramattra skin, but Blizzard hasn't yet shared details on how those future Twitch Drop rollouts will work.