Overwatch 2 Season 2 Update Addresses One of Players' Biggest Frustrations

Overwatch 2's free-to-play shift imposed a new kind of monetization and rewards system in-game, one that's been a point of contention among players since the game released. But in an optimistic Overwatch 2 update shared by Blizzard on Friday, Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss said the game's team has plans in place for both the short and long term to hopefully give players more rewards including skins and other cosmetics through in-game events and other opportunities.

Neuss opened the talks about the game's rewards and progression system by saying the team isn't "completely satisfied with how everything feels right now." Some parts are good, Neuss said, but others can be improved.

As such, Blizzard has the following changes planned for Season 2:

"In Season 2, we've changed up our rewards a bit so that each event has a skin you can earn by playing, in addition to the other cosmetic rewards we already offer," Neuss said. "We're also going to continue our Twitch drops programs so that you can earn skins and in-game goodies by supporting your favorite creators. While we're working on the long-term plans, we want upcoming seasons to feel more rewarding than Season 1."

That's the plan for Season 2 which is scheduled to kick off on December 6th. Beyond that, Neuss said the team had more plans for battle pass changeups as well as more challenges for players to pursue.

"For Season 3 and beyond, we're looking at a mix of Battle Pass changes, more interesting Challenges to pursue, and more exciting play-focused progression systems for you all to dig into," Neuss said. "We'll be able to talk about some of these changes soon, but other changes may take more time to lock-in."

Neuss' comments about plans for Overwatch 2 came amid the release of an update that adjusted six different heroes ahead of the broader changes planned for Season 2. That update (and the return of Mei) was delayed for a brief time, but it got back on track soon enough and is now out for all players to download.