Overwatch 2 Shows Off New Junk City Map

Overwatch 2 players get a first look at Overwatch 2: Invasion's New Junk City map.

Overwatch 2: Invasion's highlights include a new support hero, PvE content, and the Flashpoint game mode, but it's also adding another new map, too. That map is New Junk City, and ahead of its Invasion arrival, Blizzard offered a preview of the Junkertown-esque map via a video and a couple of screenshots that showed off different points of interest players will battle through. Overwatch 2: Invasion will be released on August 10th, so players will be able to see for themselves on that date what this new map is actually like.

The cinematic flythrough of New Junk City seen below was out first real look at the new map shared this week. Even if you didn't know the name, the Junkertown aesthetic is pretty much unmistakable with garages, scrap metal, and the apocalyptic desert setting permeating the map. New Junk City will be a Flashpoint map, and considering how that mode's all about holding certain objectives down to gain points for your team, it's not much of a stretch to imagine the big dome-like structure shown in the video with multiple hallways leading in and out of it will probably be one of those objectives.

Other images were shared shortly afterward that showed more of the different POIs shown throughout the video. Considering how the map's release date is drawing near, this'll probably be the best look that we get at the map between now and August 10th barring any Overwatch 2: Invasion trailers that show off more of New Junk City.

Flashpoint, for those less versed on the new mode, will be available in both the Quick Play and Competitive playlists once it's added on August 10th. Previous updates from Blizzard offered more info on the mode:

"Teams will fight for control of key positions across the map called "flashpoints," aiming to capture three of them before their opponents do," a preview of the new mode said. "You'll have no time to relax once a point is captured, as the next one will already be waiting. Not only will this mode test your mechanical skills, but also your ability to plan ahead-stopping opponents from moving on to the next flashpoint will be a huge key to victory."

Overwatch 2: Invasion and its New Junk City map are scheduled to release on August 10th.