Next Overwatch 2 Event Announced

After running from April 26th until this Tuesday, Blizzard's first public Overwatch 2 beta has now come to an end. As people head back to the first Overwatch game to take part in the game's latest anniversary event which was no doubt strategically planned to give Overwatch 2 testers something to fill the void with, Blizzard has announced yet another Overwatch 2 event. It's scheduled to take place on June 16th, and when that date comes around, we'll learn more about Blizzard's plans for things like the next PvP beta.

Blizzard announced the next Overwatch 2 event just as the game's first PvP beta came to a close on Tuesday. A specific time hasn't been set yet, but we'll get that closer to time. For now, you can mark your calendars for June 16th to hear about Blizzard's "plan for the months ahead."

Several Overwatch 2 streams have already been held before, and judging from how those went, we'll likely hear Blizzard's more in-depth thoughts about what worked and what didn't during the game's first beta. Some of those thoughts were already shared previously as updates went out for the beta to give heroes new and reworked abilities based on feedback, but perhaps we'll get a stat or two to illustrate about how things went during this preview.

Plans for the months ahead could mean anything, but considering how many announcements we're already getting in June since it's shaping up to be such a packed month, perhaps Overwatch 2 players will finally get a release date for the game, or at least for part of it should one element release before another similar to how Halo Infinite was handled. Some games are starting to get specific 2023 release dates, so even if it isn't fully available until then, perhaps we'll get a date for next year if not for 2022.

There've been some suggestions that another new character has been spotted in Overwatch 2 as well via some teasers and environmental references, so there's a chance we'll hear about that during the event. If nothing else, we'll at least learn more about the next beta to give players an idea of when they can hop back into Overwatch 2 PvP once more.