Overwatch Anniversary Event Dates Announced

This week is going to be a big one for anyone who is a fan of Overwatch. Not only is Blizzard Entertainment finally planning to show off more of Overwatch 2 will have in store in a new live stream later this week, but the studio has also now revealed the dates for this year's anniversary event. Best of all, if you don't want to wait for this event to kick-off, you won't have to be patient for long.

Blizzard revealed recently that the anniversary event, which is meant to celebrate the window in which Overwatch originally released, will be starting tomorrow on May 18. The event is one that will be live for players across all platforms and most notably will add a fair amount of new content to the game--mainly in the form of skins. Over the past day, Blizzard has slowly been revealing what some of these new skins for characters like Sombra, Moira, and Baptiste will look like.

As mentioned, though, the start of this anniversary event in Overwatch isn't the only major thing that Blizzard has planned in the coming days. Later in the week on May 20, the developer will be holding a new presentation to give players a better understanding of the PvP changes that will be coming to Overwatch 2. The stream is said to last around two hours and will showcase a number of new maps and other alterations that will be present within the sequel.

All in all, this anniversary period in Overwatch should be a great time to jump back in if you haven't played the game in quite some time. However, it won't be lasting for long as the event as a whole will wrap up within three weeks on Tuesday, June 8.

Is this anniversary event in Overwatch going to get you to dive back into the popular multiplayer title if you have stopped playing it in recent years? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.