'Overwatch' Halloween Terror Moira Skin Revealed

It's almost time, Overwatch fans! Time to get back into the game and prepare for "spoops" because the Halloween Terror event is almost here and bringing with it some incredible new skins for everyone's favourite heroes.

The latest reveal from the team over at blizzard centers around the "Harmacist" healer Moira that cares more about dealing massive amounts of damage, though her healing is impressive as well. Her skin though for the Halloween event is terrifyingly perfect, check her out in her full banshee glory below:

The love was immediate:

Players will get to see her in all over her terror when the Halloween event kicks off on October 9th! We also know we'll be getting a Swamp Man Doomfist skin as well, but the other reveals we are still waiting on. Personally, I'm hoping for a really cool Lucio skin! Hanzo had a pretty amazing theme last year but Lucio? Lucio deserves the very best.

"Celebrate the frightful season with a Halloween Terror Loot Box, filled with new skins, emotes, highlights, avatars, sprays, voice lines, and more," Blizzard's event page said last year when this celebration went live. "You can also purchase items you missed from last year's event with credits for a discounted price. Over 140 cosmetic items are available, but don't wait too long—these Loot Boxes will disappear in a puff of smoke before you know it."


Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2018 event is scheduled to run from October 9-31. What other skins would you like to see when the event commences? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below with your dream picks!