Persona 3 Remake Rumored to Be Revealed Very Soon

A new rumor has suggested that developer Atlus could soon reveal its much-talked-about remake of Persona 3. Over the course of the past year, rumors have continued to swirl that have suggested Atlus is working on a remake of the third mainline entry in the Persona series that will feature visuals and mechanics similar to those seen in Persona 5. Those rumors reached a fever pitch last month when footage of the P3 remake seemingly leaked online. Now, it sounds like Atlus could be planning a proper reveal of this new iteration of Persona 3 within the coming month. 

According to ResetEra user "Im A Hero Too", who has had accurate scoops associated with Atlus in the past, teased that next month's Xbox Showcase is a potential venue in which this remake of Persona 3 could be announced. Although this wasn't indicated outright, the user said that Persona fans will want to keep a close eye on the event while mentioning a subtle reference to Persona 3. To note, this year's Xbox Games Showcase will be transpiring in just a few short weeks on Sunday, June 11. 

In a general sense, it would make a fair amount of sense for Atlus to reveal this potential remake of Persona 3 as the Japanese developer collaborated with Xbox at last year's showcase as well. During the 2022 Xbox Summer Showcase, Atlus revealed that it would not only be porting Persona 5 to Xbox, but it would also be releasing new remasters of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden for modern platforms. As such, it's feasible that the two companies could look to collab once again this year for a new reveal. 

For the time being, be sure to take everything that has been outlined here with the typical grain of salt. Even though it would make a lot of sense for Atlus to unveil this supposed remake of Persona 3 next month, we won't know with certainty that such an announcement will come about. Either way, be sure to stay tuned to our ongoing coverage here on to stay in the loop on everything associated with Persona.