New Persona 5 Game Announced

A brand new Persona 5 game has been announced. The Persona series is one of the most beloved JRPG franchises out there, but it's one of those franchises that also just never stops giving. On top of your occasional (or in the case of Persona 5, quite rare) mainline release, there are a bunch of spin-offs that help keep fans of the series invested. SEGA has ensured the Persona series has stayed alive with a variety of games sort of like Final Fantasy and kept things going on platforms that may not otherwise often see Persona titles, such as Nintendo Switch. The latest entry to the franchise does all of those aforementioned things in a somewhat surprising way.

A new Persona game titled Persona 5: The Phantom X has been announced for Android and iOS. While that may immediately turn some fans off, this does appear to be a fully-fledged Persona experience as opposed to some gimmicky mobile game. The game follows a new group of Phantom Thieves in Tokyo in a new, original story designed specifically for smartphones. It also appears like the core gameplay of the series remains intact here, as you can attend school, do activities like playing baseball, and so on. The game is expected to be free-to-play with in-app purchases, but it has no release window for the West quite yet. For those who live in China, there will be a playtest on March 29th which you can sign up for by clicking here. You can check out the gameplay trailer for the game down below to get an idea of what this new mobile experience is going for.

It's pretty great to see the Persona universe continuing to expand. Fans are pretty anxious for Persona 6, as Persona 5 is quite old at this point and fans want to see what's next. As of right now, we'll just have to keep waiting, but at least this mobile game should tide people over for the time being.

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