PewDiePie Under Fire for Controversial Demi Lovato Tweet

levato pewdiepie

Prominent YouTuber PewDiePie once again finds himself amidst controversy following an “insensitive” tweet directed towards Demi Lovato not long after her reported overdose.

The tweet has since been deleted and apologized for, but not before a storm of reactions formed around it.

In the aforementioned apology, the Swedish YouTube personality wrote that he didn't mean anything with the tweet, and that he didn't “fully know about the situation.” He continued, calling it insensitive and saying that he was sorry.

The original tweet:

tweet 2
(Photo: The Blast)

The apology and another follow-up tweet:


Possessing a massive fanbase of over 15.7 million Twitter followers, many came to the defense of PewDiePie following the tweet, but many also protested it and cited the personality's history of similar behavior under the banner of #PewDiePieIsOverParty.

As you may know, the entertainer is no stranger to controversy. Just last fall he found himself trending on Twitter, making headlines, and causing division for the use of a racial slur during a stream, as well as for his comments about Logan Paul earlier this year.