PewDiePie Streams 'Fortnite' In Desperate Attempt To Defeat T-Series

(Photo: PewDiePie via YouTube)

T-Series is slowly but surely catching up to PewDiePie in the race for the most subscribers, despite the best efforts of Pewds and his fans, which has included stints like hacking printers around the world to push the subscribe to PewDiePie agenda.

But the reigning king of YouTube isn't giving up. Rather, he's breaking out the biggest weapon yet in a desperate attempt to defeat T-Series: Fortnite.

That's right, PewDiePie betrayed all that is good and pure in this world, and embraced the dark side by streaming a little over an hour of the battle royale game. But given that's it's the number one thing trending for gaming on YouTube at the moment, it seems it was worth it.

Channeling the power of Jonesy and Snorkel Ops, PewDiePie seemingly put a tiny bit of further distance between him and the Indian music record label and film production company. But, at what cost?

As you may know, the war between the two YouTube channels started to pick up a couple of months ago when it looked like T-Series would race pass PewDiePie and his subscriber count, which has held him the title of the most subscribed to channel for quite some time. Yet, here we are, and the war still rages on as PewDiePie gets carried in Fortnite by a nine year old wearing the Marshmello outfit.


Speaking of Marshmello, yesterday the highly-anticipated Marshmello concert went down at Pleasant Park, and it was actually pretty cool. Not only did it go over smoothly (which can't be said for a lot of Fortnite events), but the general consensus is that it's one of the best events the game has had yet. But what made the whole shindig so impressive is the massive amount of concurrent players it drew. According to a report from Geoff Keighley, over 10 million players watched the event live in-game, and who knows how many more millions watched it online.

Anyway, don't forget to subscribe to either PewDiePie or T-Series so you can tell your grandkids that you bravely fought in the most important war of the 21st century.