Phasmophobia Update Adds New Ghost Ability and Objectives

Phasmophobia has continued its trek towards the game's 1.0 iteration today as developer Kinetic [...]

Phasmophobia has continued its trek towards the game's 1.0 iteration today as developer Kinetic Games has released an all-new update for the co-op-focused horror title. Per usual, the newest patch for the game rectifies a number of lingering bugs that have popped up over time, but it has also introduced a number of new qualities as well.

Likely the most notable change in this new Phasmophobia update comes in regards to the game's ghosts. From now on, ghosts within the game have received a new ability which allows them to blow out candles in rooms where the lights are off. It's a new aspect that is definitely going to make things far spookier than ever before.

The other biggest change on this patch comes with how saves work. Kinetic Games has shifted to a new save system altogether on Phasmophobia and players will now need to have their own saves transfer to this new system. That being said, nothing will have to be done on your own end in order to make this transfer take place. When you boot up the game for the first time following this new update, your old save should be immediately transferred to the new system automatically.

Phasmophobia is available right now via early access exclusively on PC. If you'd like to check out the full patch notes for today's update, you can find them below.

  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would not leave any EMF if the host was dead.
  • Fixed a bug where the heartbeat sound could play when you were outside.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were holding a lit candle your sanity would drain in some locations.
  • Fixed a bug where the photo evidence wouldn't always be for the evidence that is closest in the photo.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost orbs were sometimes moving inside the rooms floor and were not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the CCTV monitor was changing cameras whenever a camera got turned on or off.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't play offline if you failed to connect to the authentication servers.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players had a white glare around their vision.
  • Fixed an issue where the default VR hand rotation when you weren't grabbing something was rotated the wrong way.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would still interact with objects far away if the object was grabbed near it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could hold down the radio and talk during a hunt. Your voice will now be instantly cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where the room temperatures would lower before you unlocked the main door on Amateur and Intermediate.
  • Fixed a bug where VR dead bodies didn't spawn.
  • Fixed an exploit where multiple people could use the same sanity pill at the same time.
  • The Crucifix will now have a visual change with each use instead of disappearing with it's final use.
  • The photo reward values now use a quality level which is based on the distance you took the photo rather than the reward being random. This quality level will show in the Journal.
  • Each player will now have a unique colour on the mini map and sanity monitor.
  • The VR rendering path has been changed from deferred to forward rendering. This will give better VR performance as well as fixing several graphical issues.
  • Changed the look of the sanity monitor to help players who are colour blind see the sanity values.
  • The ghost will now have a chance to blow out candles if they are close and the room lights are off.
  • Added a new objective: Get a Ghost to blow out a Candle.
  • Added a new Intermediate and Professional objective: Have a member of your team escape the Ghost during a hunt.
  • Added a new Professional objective: Repel the Ghost with a smudge stick while it's chasing someone.
  • Added a new Multiplayer objective: Get an average sanity below 25%.
  • Added support for bHaptics tact suits and face covers.
  • With the VR change to forward rendering MSAA can now be used with VR and will default to 4xMSAA if enabled in the graphics settings.
  • Added a post game screen showing some stats about your investigation.