Piko Interactive Planning Revival of N64 Platformer Glover, Sequel

The developers at Piko Interactive have already been quite busy trying to revive a classic game [...]


The developers at Piko Interactive have already been quite busy trying to revive a classic game title from the past, as the company revealed that it would be bringing back the platforming adventure 40 Winks to the Nintendo 64. But that appears to be just the beginning of its retro revival plans, as it has revealed it's bringing back a platforming hero from that era to a number of platforms.

The company recently took to Twitter to confirm that it was bringing back Glover, a 3D adventure that originally appeared on both the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. In the game, you play as a character that resembles an actual glove, being able to perform a number of functions similar to that of a human hand.

A fan recently asked the company if a revival of Glover would be happening since the company had the rights to the property, and it happily confirmed its plans, noting, "Re-Releases Starting with Steam, and Finishing off Glover 2 on N64, that is the most immediate projects." You can see the tweet below.

A while back, an unnamed German publisher noted that they would be bringing back Glover 2 to the Nintendo Switch, but Piko has made it clear that they have the rights to the franchise, and its first focus will be on finishing up the sequel for Nintendo 64. After that, though, who knows?

For now, it sounds as if Piko Interactive is looking to finish up its 40 Winks project first, as that's been successfully crowdfunded by a number of fans wanting the game. Once that is done, however, Piko is likely to focus on the Glover revival, though a release date and price haven't been given just yet. After that, Glover 2 will likely be in the cards, with the team finally finishing up the game so that N64 owners can truly enjoy everything it has to offer.

We'll see what happens to Glover over the next few months, but if we can get him back in one piece, hey. Thumbs up!