PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting Live Development Streams On Facebook

Bluehole Studio’s multiplayer extravaganza PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is taking the PC [...]

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Bluehole Studio's multiplayer extravaganza PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is taking the PC market by storm – and now the team wants to delve deeper into the game's development as it inches closer to a release date.

The game, which has been dominating Steam's best seller charts since its Early Access release in March, will be the focus of a new weekly series that will debut on Facebook Live starting tonight. The behind-the-scenes show kicks off with its first episode at 7 PM PDT tonight on the game's official Facebook page, and will run every Monday on a weekly basis, showing what goes into the development of the game.

The goal of the show is to "showcase different elements" that help bring Battlegrounds together, while at the same time the various content creators and members of the community, which has been growing in spades since the game's early release a few months back.

Bluehole Studio's vice president and executive producer Chang Han has noted that "this new initiative with Facebook will bring our passionate fan base closer to our development team," and that "livestreaming has been very important to the growth of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." In addition, "we believe featuring PUBG livestreamers on Facebook further strengthens our commitment to the community while extending the reach of our game to a global audience."

Facebook director of global games partnerships, Lee Olebe, also had something to add, noting that the two companies have "a shared belief in the power of gaming communities, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a stunning example of a hit game guided directly by its fans." He also noted, "Battlegrounds is just as much fun to watch as it is to play, and we're excited to see some of the best PUBG creators bring exclusive content to Facebook to help fuel its growing community on the platform."

As far as when the game will "officially" release on PC (and Xbox One as well), that's still up in the air at the moment, but it's expected later this year. It's a good possibility that both versions could arrive at the same time, bringing all the chaos we've come to expect from Battlegrounds.