Save 10% on Your PlayStation Purchase With This Code

A special PlayStation promotion is going on right now that lets players take 10 percent off of [...]

A special PlayStation promotion is going on right now that lets players take 10 percent off of their total purchase, but the offer won't last much longer.

You might've noticed the deal if you've signed onto your PlayStation 4 recently and found yourself in the PlayStation Store looking for a new game, but for those who haven't, the PlayStation Twitter account wanted to make sure that everyone was able to take advantage of the savings. The account recently tweeted the news that the promotion was live, and all you have to do to redeem your discount is enter the promotional code found below in PlayStation's tweet.

PlayStation's discount can't be used up by enough people redeeming it, but it does have an end date that's approaching rather quickly. The deal ends on Jan. 30, so you'll have to make all of your purchases with the code before that date to take advantage of the savings.

What's even better about this deal is that it doesn't just apply to one game. Instead, it's 10 percent off of everything that you've got in your cart. That means that you can pick up several popular games that recently released such as Dragon Ball FighterZ or Monster Hunter World, or you can pick up some new DLC for an existing game or preorder something for the future.

Along with the end date and being a one-time use per account, there does appear to be another restriction on the promotion. Users are reporting that the code doesn't work outside of the United States, so you'll have to look for discounts elsewhere if that doesn't match up with your region.

The discounts will definitely help you get these games, but playing your new purchases online is another issue that the code can't fix on its own. Throughout the past week, PlayStation Network has been experiencing server issues with the most recent instance coming earlier this morning. A quick look at the PSN service status page shows that the gaming and social portions of PSN are still experiencing issues.