PlayStation 5 Pro Reportedly in Development, Release Window Revealed

A PlayStation 5 Pro console is supposedly in development with a release window of late 2024, new reports have suggested. As the name suggests and based on the precedent set by previous console windows, this rumored PS5 Pro will supposedly boast upgraded features and components allowing for even better graphics and performance with ray tracing in particular being one specific feature looking to be improved upon. This PS5 Pro is supposedly separate from Sony's plans to release another iteration of the PS5 that has a detachable disc drive, however, so if both of those reports are accurate, we may end up seeing two different PS5 variants released within the next year or so.

Insider Gaming shared the latest report on Sony's PS5 Pro plans this week. Reports of the PS5 with the detachable disc drive have been circulating since late last year with that console supposedly meant to be a solution for cutting down on production and shipping costs. People assumed at the time that the new console might be a PS5 Pro of sorts given that it'd be the third PS5 model released following the Digital Edition and the one with a disc drive, but apparently that's not the Pro. The Pro will supposedly be out late next year.

While unnamed sources who said ambitious things like how this is "just the beginning of new hardware coming to PlayStation users this generation" were referenced in the report, one ray tracing-related patent filed by Sony's PlayStation architect Mark Cerny was cited as an example of an update Sony is looking to leverage in an updated PS5. This patent was originally spotted by Twitter user Onion00048.

PlayStation users are understandably skeptical at the idea of a new PS5 releasing this year followed by a PS5 Pro in 2024. Some have suggested that there's no point in having a PS5 Pro anytime soon when the PS4 is still being phased out while others have expressed that they haven't seen anything terribly graphically impressive on the PS5 yet, so why release a PS5 Pro? While many commentors said it feels like things are moving a bit quickly and that this generation has barely gotten started, the PS5 would be around four years old by the time the PS5 Pro came out, if these release estimates are accurate, so it wouldn't be out of the question to expect some new iteration on the console to release by late 2024.

Sony of course has not said anything about plans for a PS5 Pro or any other kind of updated PS5 console, but the company is moving more towards phasing out PS4 games ad indicated by things like Marvel's Wolverine and the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC skipping the PS4.