New PS5 Console Reportedly Releasing in 2023

A new report has claimed that Sony is preparing to release a new model of the PlayStation 5 console at a time in 2023. Since the PS5 first launched at the end of 2020, many fans have patiently been waiting for Sony to reveal a "PS5 Pro" version of the console, much like what we saw with the PS4. And while this new console that is reportedly on the way doesn't sound like it will be a PS5 Pro, it will incorporate some pretty major changes. 

According to Insider Gaming, sources within Sony have suggested that the next revision of the PS5 will arrive around September 2023. This new version of the PS5 is said to feature nearly identical hardware to what is seen in the current iteration of the console that can be purchased right now. However, the major difference is that Sony will look to incorporate a detachable disc drive. This disc drive will reportedly be able to connect to the PS5 via a USB-C port at the back of the console. Furthermore, Sony will sell these drives as part of a bundle with the PS5 (which will presumably cost more money) or it will look to sell them separately. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of this news is that it suggests that the Digital Edition of the PS5 would simply become the new base model of the PlayStation console that Sony looks to manufacture. Although disc drives would still be available for use, they would no longer be attached directly to the PS5, which might simplify manufacturing on Sony's end. Additionally, it could potentially allow Sony to make the PS5 a bit smaller than it currently is. 

Assuming that this all comes to fruition, this move is also one that continues to show that Sony is pushing players to buy more games in a digital fashion. While this was already seen through the release of the PS5 Digital Edition console, it seems that purchasing games in this manner is going to be a bigger focus of Sony as time goes onward.

What are your thoughts on this reported new version of the PS5? Do you think that this is a good plan on Sony's part? And do you believe that we'll still end up getting a PS5 Pro at some point in the future? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.