PlayStation 5 Releases New Share Factory Studio Update

A new update for Share Factory Studio is now live on PlayStation 5, adding a number of improvements to the video editing app. Sharing clips has become a big part of the gaming experience over the last few years, and today's update should give PS5 users a greater number of options. Notably, players can now save an increased number of clips, music tracks, and transitions. There have also been improvements to the editing experience, as well as the way that users sort and manage their saved clips and screenshots. To better showcase the changes, PlayStation has also released a video for today's update, which can be found at the top of this post.

A full list of the changes from the PlayStation Blog can be found below:

  • Track 1 clips increased from 50 to 100
  • Track 1 transitions increased from 49 to 99
  • Music tracks increased from 12 to 24
  • Track 2 clips increased from 10 to 20
  • A fresh new look for Track 2 with tapestry now available as well as added support for Layouts and Frames.
  • Support for HDR screenshots.
  • Improved track visualization with Track 1 and Track 2 now featuring icons indicating if your clip is in HD, 4K and/or HDR.
  • Improved Clip and Screenshot Management and integration with the Media Gallery, allowing you to sort your videos and screenshots by Favorites that you have marked.

For those that use Share Factory Studio for video editing, this sounds like a really exciting update! The PlayStation 4's DualShock controller was the first console controller to offer a Share option, which has become somewhat of an industry standard over the last few years. These types of improvements take it a step farther, allowing users a much greater opportunity to edit and share their videos and screenshots with their followers on social media. It's difficult to say how many PS5 owners have embraced the app since the console released last November, but for those that use Share Factory Studio, it's clear PlayStation is looking for ways to improve the experience! Hopefully these new changes will convince more players to try Share Factory Studio for themselves.

Have you been using Share Factory Studio on PlayStation 5? What do you think of these changes for the video editing app? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!