How Big is the PlayStation 5?

Sony has now finally revealed the PlayStation 5 console and answered some more questions about the [...]

Sony has now finally revealed the PlayStation 5 console and answered some more questions about the device's design, but at least one question still remains: How big is the PlayStation 5? The trailer for the PlayStation 5 hardware lineup showed a few devices side-by-side including the console itself, a headset, the DualSense controller, and more, but even with those juxtapositions, it's hard to tell exactly how big the console will be. We won't know exactly how large it is until Sony reveals that information, but people are doing their best to figure out the size by themselves by comparing the PlayStation 5 to other devices new and old.

If you haven't seen the PlayStation 5 at all, start with the trailer above to show a dramatic look at the system and everything you'll need along with it to make the most of the next-gen console. After that, you'll be primed with questions yourself that might come close to being answered by graphics that have been circulating online.

Twitter user EvilBoris shared the graphic below that showed the current generation of consoles next to their next-gen counterparts.

These sorts of comparisons have been appearing frequently online and often come from comparisons of disc drive and USB port sizes. By using those standards, we can get closer to a reasonable estimate for the new console.

The result is a depiction of the PlayStation 5 that sees it being quite a bit taller than other consoles when stood vertically. To support that height, the base required on the vertical PlayStation 5 sees its widest point not too unlike the Xbox Series X.

Other comparisons have been shared online in forums such as Reddit and ResetEra as people continue to try and figure out the size of the PlayStation 5. One graphic there puts the console at 38 centimeters tall which is just under 15 inches.

If you end up getting the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, you'll be able to take at least a bit off the width towards the bottom of the console. You'll sacrifice the disc drive for that, but you'll probably save a bit of money if pricings of previous digital-edition consoles are any indication of what's to come. After looking at these sizes, it may also be time to start thinking about whether your console will be sitting horizontally or vertically.

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will release some time during Holiday 2020.