PlayStation Confirms PS5 Can Sit Horizontally

Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 in full during Thursday’s big event focused on the [...]

Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 in full during Thursday's big event focused on the next-gen console, and in additional images shared afterwards, it's been confirmed that owners can indeed lay the system down horizontally if that's how they'd prefer it to be oriented . The question of how the console could sit came soon after the reveal since the debut trailer above only showed the console standing up vertically with the help of a base at the bottom. An image included in the Instagram post below shows what the stand-less console will look like when it's laid on its side.

Whether or not the console can be laid down horizontally may not have ever been a question on viewers' minds after the showcase if you only stand your systems up vertically, but for those who don't it was one of the main questions they had. The answer to that question can be found in the third image of the gallery below showcasing the PlayStation 5 hardware where we see the console resting on its side with the DualSense PlayStation 5 controller next to it.

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With that question now answered, people have to decide how they'll position their consoles to create the best gaming setup and make room for other devices especially if you're planning on getting the Xbox Series X as well. While the exact size of the PlayStation 5 isn't known yet, Microsoft's console which was revealed months ago is certainly boxier. The designs couldn't be more different from each other, but at least they can both be stood up and laid down on their sides.

There's also the question of which PlayStation 5 console users will buy when they release during the holidays. The PlayStation 5 itself was the only console Sony was expected to reveal at the event, but it was confirmed during the show that there will also be a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition releasing alongside the base version. This console has no disc drive which narrows the design slightly, and while the prices of the consoles haven't been revealed yet, it's assumed the Digital Edition will cost slightly less than the base PlayStation 5 seeing how it's omitting a key feature many people feel is standard in their consoles.

Both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will release some time during Holiday 2020.