PlayStation Classic Is Out In The Wild After Street Date Is Broken


The PlayStation Classic is supposed to release in two days, or, in other words, this Monday. However, some lucky people have already gotten their hands on the dedicated game console.

That's right, apparently some retailers have broken street date and are handing out PlayStation Classics a bit early.

News of the whoopsie comes way of a Reddit user who teasingly shared an image of the system they aren't supposed to have yet.

[Image] Got PS Classic early! Have any questions?

And apparently, the Reddit user isn't alone, because a considerable amount of people have been posting to social media with pictures of them also getting the piece of nostalgic hardware early, while the rest of us sit here and painfully wait to relive nostalgic memories that are likely not as good as we remember them.

Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be a single culprit behind the street date being broken as there normally is, rather multiple different retailers have seemingly shipped the console early.

As you may know, this often happens for both video game consoles and video games, especially the former. There's always some retailer that fumbles or some person who "knows a guy at GameStop." Luckily for PlayStation, the classic system only broke street date by a couple of days. Sometimes street dates can be broken weeks ahead of time.


The PlayStation Classic is poised to release this Monday, priced at $100. If you didn't pre-order, make sure to grab one quickly if you want one, because with the holidays right around the corner stock shortages are likely to be an issue.

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