PlayStation Releases Over 18 Minutes of Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Footage

Sony and Sucker Punch Productions showed off an extended look at the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima [...]

Sony and Sucker Punch Productions showed off an extended look at the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima game this week during PlayStation's latest State of Play event. The State of Play videos periodically offer insights into Sony's plans for different games and services, but this one released on Thursday was wholly focused on Ghost of Tsushima. The State of Play video showcasing the game showed off features like combat, exploration, story points. Perhaps best of all considering how recent gameplay presentations have gone, the State of Play showed actual gameplay from the game where the player-controlled protagonist Jin Sakai moved around the map with commentary provided by members of the Sucker Punch team.

The State of Play showcase eased players in by showing off some of the exploratory parts of the game. Players can use their maps and guiding winds to travel around the map and find points of interest while also keeping an eye out for any indicators of things they might've missed. You can travel on horseback or on foot, but given how big the island is, you'll probably want to stay on your horse when possible.

After showing off some scenic parts of the island where players praised shrines and rode through fields, the State of Play event showed off what many players were waiting for: The combat. Jin's got two unique styles, one of them honorable and the other dishonorable. The first, Jin's Samurai style, focuses on standoffs with opponents while using measured and methodical strikes and parrying enemies while the dishonorable Ghost style uses tricks and other tactics to outwit and defeat opponents.

Just as Jin has different styles to use – and styles within those style as well as he swapped between combat stances – he's also got different customizations to pick from that change his abilities and give him more fashionable looks.

As players may have noticed during the early preview of Ghost of Tsushima, the game's got some stunning scenery players will be able to take photos of using the game's photo mode. There's also an option for players to choose a Japanese voice track with subtitles to create a more authentic experience if they choose to do so. There's also a Samurai Cinema mode available that gives the game a cinematic look to it reminiscent of old Samurai movies.

Ghost of Tsushima is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th, so expect to see more on this game before then.