Last Chance To Get PS4's Free January PlayStaton Plus Games

playstation plus

Gaming is an expensive hobby, but if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there's a ton of opportunity throughout the year to save considerable dough on games. One of these ways is via each month's free PlayStation Plus games.

For those unfamiliar with the offering: each month, if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, Sony Interactive Entertainment dishes out a handful of games you can download for free if you're subscribed to the service.

That said, you only have a couple of more days to nab your January free games before they return to regular pricing on February 5.

If you're on PS4, you can look forward to shredding some powder in Ubisoft's snowboarding game Steep, or play some light-hearted co-op RPG action in Portal Knights. Meanwhile, if you still have your PS3 plugged-in, you can grab the Zone of the Enders HD Collection alongside Amplitude (also on PS4). And lastly, you can download Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion and Super Mutant Alien Assault for PlayStation Vita, and thanks to cross-play, the former is also playable on PS4.


  • Portal Knights
  • Steep

  • Amplitude (PS3)

  • Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion (PS Vita)


  • Amplitude (PS4)
  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection

PS Vita

  • Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion (PS4)

  • Super Mutant Alien Assault


If you haven't copped the games yet, click here. As always, the titles will remain in your library free of charge as long as you maintain an active subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Personally, I recommend checking out Steep. It's no SSX -- it's more realistic than arcadey -- but it's a fun game to mess around with for a weekend, especially if you snowboard.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. How does this month stack up to other recent months? Will you download and play any of the above-listed games? If so, which ones?

And of course, if you haven't checked out February's free games, you can do so via the video below. Unlike January -- which was a pretty weak line-up -- February is a much better offering lead by IO Interactive's Hitman.