Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Plans After PS5 Releases

Sony has revealed its plans for PlayStation Plus after the PS5 releases. Tomorrow, Sony's next-gen PlayStation console will release in North America and other regions, and many PlayStation players are wondering how this will change PlayStation Plus, or more specifically, the free PlayStation Plus games Sony dishes out to subscribers every month. Well, according to Sony not much is changing, though subscribers can now look forward to PS5 games being in the mix.

For the month of November, PlayStation Plus is offering three free games, two of which are PS4 games, and one of which is a PS5 game. And it looks like this will be the format going forward. According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Plus subscribers will continue to receive -- at least -- two "great" PS4 games each month for the foreseeable future. Adding to this, Sony notes it's aiming to add PS5 games regularly to the monthly games lineup as well, though, for now, it's not promising to include PS5 games or even a single PS5 game every month.

"All PlayStation Plus members will continue to receive at least two great PS4 games each month," reads the PlayStation Blog. "It is our goal to add PS5 games regularly to the monthly games lineup, so check back with us at PS Blog for our monthly PlayStation Plus announcements."

Given that November's free PlayStation Plus PS5 game -- Bugsnax -- is free until January, suggests PS5 games may be included every two months, at least for the beginning of the console's lifespan. However, for now, this is just speculation.

Eventually, PS5 games are going to become the heart of the PlayStation Plus free games lineup, just like PS4 games did this generation, but it will likely take at least a few years for this to happen.


The PS5 is set to release tomorrow, November 12, priced at $400 and $500, depending on what version of the console you cop. For more coverage on the next-gen system and all things PlayStation -- including the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here or check out the relevant links below: