PlayStation Plus Users Warn Everybody to Play Bethesda Game While They Still Can

Play this PlayStation Plus PS5 game before it leaves on September 16.

PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5 have urged everybody to play a popular Bethesda game while they still can as it will soon be removed from the libraries of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. Of course, the Bethesda game everyone is playing right now is the newly-released Starfield, unless you're on PS5, as the game is an Xbox console exclusive. And this will presumably be the case for all, or at least most, Bethesda games going forward as Xbox owns Bethesda. However, before Xbox acquired its parent company Zenimax Media, Bethesda was actually making some PS5 exclusives for PlayStation, or at least timed exclusives. For example, Deathloop was a PS5 exclusive when it was released. And right now, the game is "free" to play via PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, but not permanently like it is on Xbox Game Pass. 

To this end, over on the PS5 Reddit page, PlayStation fans have urged those who haven't checked out the game to do so while it requires no additional purchase. If you're interested in heeding this call to action, you have until September 16. The game is roughly 16 to 25 hours long, with completionist playthroughs taking roughly 35 hours. In other words, there's plenty of enough time to see everything the game has to offer, but you will need to move with some haste. 

Try Deathloop before it leaves PS Plus
by u/Lightninghurler in PS5

The post is currently one of the top posts on the PS5 Reddit page, with many votes of approval and comments echoing the sentiment. That said, it's worth noting that there are a good number of comments making the opposite claim, with the term "overrated" thrown around a lot. 

For context, the game -- made by Dishonored developer Arkane Lyon -- boasts Metacritic scores that range from 87 to 89. This makes it one of the highest-rated games of 2021. It's worth noting that 2021 was noticeably a very weak year for game releases, and according to a few, the game doesn't deserve this critical acclaim. In other words, prepare for your mileage with the game to potentially vary.  Meanwhile, if you're a PS Plus Essential subscriber you don't need to even worry about trying to cram this game before September 16 as it's not available with this tier of the subscription service.