Sony Teases PlayStation Event Is Happening in May

PlayStation is gearing up to make some big reveals.

Sony has teased that it should be having a new PlayStation event at some point in May. In recent months, rumors and reports have all indicated that PlayStation has been eyeing May to hold a new Showcase or State of Play broadcast. However, with the month now roughly halfway over, some fans started to believe that this timeline might have shifted just a bit. Fortunately, Sony itself has released a new statement, and while an event hasn't outright been confirmed just yet, it seems likely to transpire. 

In a message from current PlayStation boss Hiroki Totoki, it was said that Sony will be making new announcements in May that will provide fans with more information on "the long-term vision" that the company has for PlayStation. Totoki didn't blatantly say that these reveals will come about in a State of Play or PlayStation Showcase, but the implication is clear that such an event should be right around the corner. To that end, we should learn relatively soon the date and time of this broadcast if it is indeed taking place in May. 

When it comes to what might be shown off in PlayStation's next live stream, well, that's the question that fans continue to have the most. Broadly speaking, PlayStation's first-party lineup for the remainder of 2024 looks pretty slim. Titles such as Concord, Marvel's Wolverine, Fairgames, Marathon, and a remake of Until Dawn have all been shown off in the past and are likely to appear again soon. 

For the most part, though, Sony has been relatively quiet throughout the PS5 era when it comes to its first-party slate. Studios such as Sucker Punch Productions, Naughty Dog, Housemarque, and numerous others have been laying low for a period of multiple years. As a result, it's feasible that any of these companies could show up during a new PlayStation Showcase and reveal to the world what they've been working on in secret. Then again, PlayStation might choose to keep playing its cards close to the chest for the time being, especially since sales for the PS5 aren't slowing down whatsoever.