PlayStation Restocks PS5s Through Rewards Program

Sony gave its PlayStation fans another restock of the PlayStation 5 that they’ve been asking for [...]

Sony gave its PlayStation fans another restock of the PlayStation 5 that they've been asking for this week, but this one came from an unlikely source: The Sony Rewards program. The PlayStation creators announced this week that they'd be restocking the consoles through the rewards system that gives users points for shopping in the PlayStation Store, registering devices, and performing other actions, though it was unclear how the process would work since the consoles hadn't been available in this way before.

With the limited number of consoles now live in through the Sony Rewards program at the time of publishing, we see how this restock works. Like other retailers have listed in the past, Sony's offering was a PlayStation 5 bundle that came with an extra controller. Its "Deal price," according to the site, is listed at 56,998 Sony Rewards points.

Newish games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla that would normally cost $59 go for 5,999 Sony Rewards points if purchased through the program, so the value of the PlayStation 5 bundle would be about $569 which mirrors what it'd typically run people to purchase the console and a controller together.

This restock was extremely limited like the others we've seen with buyers limited to just one bundle and only 25 bundles available as indicated by the listing, but it's even more limited than we've seen before given the nature of the deal. Since it's bought with Sony Rewards points, it means that only those who've been stashing away their points dutifully can hope to afford the high price tag. You can't just buy your points either, so it's not like someone can buy the virtual currency immediately to take advantage of the offer. Because of that, the bundles have stayed live on the site for longer than they typically do even though only a small number of the bundles were apparently allotted to the Sony Rewards program.

Sony has also been selling its PlayStation 5 consoles through the PlayStation Direct store when restocks occasionally happen, so look for more announcements about restocks there in the future if you don't have enough points to get one from the Sony Rewards program.