PlayStation VR2 Release Window Revealed by Sony

At long last, Sony has announced when its new PlayStation VR2 headset will finally be launching. Since first announcing the next-gen VR device well over a year ago, the one thing that Sony has continued to remain quiet about has involved the release of the platform. And while we still don't have a specific date to go off of just yet, Sony has at the very least let eager fans know the general time period in which PlayStation VR2 will become available. 

Revealed somewhat randomly on Instagram, Sony confirmed that PlayStation VR2 is now set to release in early 2023. This is the first launch window that Sony has ever given for PS VR2 and comes on the back of the company revealing new information about the device in recent months. While a specific month from Sony wasn't mentioned, launch windows that are typically given an "early" designation within a given year tend to arrive within the first three months. As such, it seems that PS VR2 is most likely slated to drop between January and March 2023. 

In a general sense, this 2023 release window for PlayStation VR2 is something that we have been assuming for a long time. Part of the reason for this is because if the platform was set to launch in 2022, it seemed likely that Sony would have announced the official release date by now. Additionally, previous rumors and reports have also suggested that a 2023 arrival of PS VR2 seemed to be likely. 

Perhaps the biggest reason why Sony is waiting until 2023 to release PlayStation VR2 is because it wants the install base of the PlayStation 5 to grow a bit more this holiday season. Since PS VR2 is only compatible with PS5 consoles, this means that Sony can only sell the hardware to those who already own a PS5. By waiting for another holiday season to come and go, the number of people who own PS5s should rise considerably, which means that Sony then has a greater chance to find success with PS VR2 next year. 

Even though we now have an idea of when PlayStation VR2 will be releasing, there are still a number of details that we haven't learned. Notably, Sony hasn't given the headset a retail price just yet, but it seems like this news could be coming soon. Beyond this, games like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil 8, No Man's Sky, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Retribution have been confirmed as some of the first titles that will launch on the platform.