Pokemon Go's New Go Battle League Ranks Will Require a Ton of Wins

Pokemon Go's competitive scene is getting a major overhaul next week. As part of next week's "Go Beyond" update, Pokemon Go will increase the number of ranks in its PvP GO Battle League from 10 to 24. Dataminers recently discovered the rank up requirements for the new ranks...and it looks like players will need to win a whole lot of matches to get to the upper echelons of the Battle League. The first 20 ranks will require players to either win or participate in a number of battles to rank up. Once players reach Level 20, they'll need to increase their Go Battle League rating by defeating other similarly ranked players, with their rankings only increasing when they reach certain rating milestones.

Pokemon Go fans on Reddit determined that it will take somewhere between 157 and 238 wins to reach Level 20. The variance is because of how the game ranks up players - if a player needs 1 win to reach the level but wins all 5 in their next set of Go Battle League matches, the "extra" 4 wins won't count towards the next rank. While winning 200+ battles sounds like a lot, the new season (and every season moving forward) will have an increased length of 3 months.

The changes are intended to give more casual players a clearer progression when advancing through the GO Battle League, as well as give players more ranking rewards. Previously, many players hit a wall when they reached Level 7, as they faced a wide spectrum of players trying to increase their own rating. We'll have to see if the increased number of rank up rewards will make it more appealing to jump into Go Battle League next season.

Other changes coming to Pokemon Go includes the addition of Kalos Pokemon, new themed seasons, and an increased Level Cap.

The new season of Pokemon Go's Go Battle League kicks off on November 30th.