Pokemon Go Is About to Add Two New Evolutionary Items

Pokemon Go players are about to get some more evolutionary items.

Pokemon Go's support page confirmed that both the Deepsea Scale and Deepsea Tooth would be added in the coming weeks as a new evolutionary items. Both items are used to evolve the "Gen 3" Pokemon Clamperl into a Gorebyss or a Huntail.

Evolutionary items are special items that can be obtained from PokeStops and gyms and are used to evolve certain Pokemon in conjunction with Candies. Evolutionary items were added to Pokemon Go as part of the "Gen 2" expansion earlier this year. The Deepsea Scale and Deepsea Tooth increase the number of evolutionary items in Pokemon Go up to seven.

While there are multiple Pokemon that have divergent evolutionary paths, Clamperl is the first in Pokemon Go that requires separate evolutionary items to evolve into one form or the other. While neither Gorebyss or Huntail are expected to be top-tier Pokemon in Pokemon Go, both have decent Attack and Defense stats, which could make them reliable gym defenders or secondary attackers. Gorebyss is considered the stronger of the two Pokemon, with a max CP of 2281.

Interestingly, neither evolutionary item are in the GAME_MASTER file, which means that Pokemon Go will need to push an update before they can be added to game. That means that we might be waiting a little while longer for the second wave of "Gen 3" Pokemon to appear.