Pokemon Go Reveals Next Season, Teases New Ultra Beast Encounters

Ultra Beasts are coming to Pokemon Go, and they might not be tied to traditional raids. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced its "Season of GO," a new three month in-game season celebrating all things Pokemon Go. The Season will kick off with Pokemon Go Fest in two weeks and will also feature the return of Adventure Week (an event focusing on Fossil Pokemon) and a new two-week Pokemon TCG Event that will take up the latter half of June. Several popular Legendary Pokemon will return to raids, including Groudon, Mewtwo, and Kyogre. 

The most intriguing tease for the "Season of GO" was actually the promotional image released for the season, which shows an Ultra Recon Member standing in front of a wormhole. The wormholes are tied to the Ultra Beasts, a kind of Legendary Pokemon that come from another dimension. Pokemon Go previously teased that the Ultra Beasts were coming to the game, but the image noticeably shows the wormhole not by a gym. While this could just be artistic license, the image at least seems to suggest that players will enter a wormhole that appears on the map to battle Ultra Beasts. The image also suggests the addition of a new NPC character, which would be the first added to the game since the addition of the Team Rocket admins several years ago. 

Other additions coming to Pokemon GO with the upcoming season includes the return of Galarian Stunfisk as a city spaw, the appearance of Pokemon like Yungoos and Cherubi in forest areas, the appearance of Trapinch and Golett in mountains, and the appearance of Dewpider and Corphish in water areas. Pokemon like Combee and Gible will spawn in the Northern Hemisphere, while Larvitar and Trubbish will spawn in the Southern Hemsiphere. Klink will be the Research Breakthrough reward of the month of June. 

Expect to hear more information about Ultra Beasts and the Season of Go in the near future.