Pokemon Masters Release Potentially Teases a New Pokemon Direct

The timing of an upcoming Pokemon Masters EX release has some wondering if a Pokemon Direct is coming.

Fans think they've figured out the timing of the next Pokemon Direct and it's all because of when a Pokemon Masters EX character is coming out. Nemona, the rival trainer from Pokemon Scarlet and VIolet, is set to make her debut in the Pokemon Masters EX mobile game in August. However, the timing of her release is a bit curious and fans think it could mean that it's tied to the next Pokemon Direct. While typically characters are released in Pokemon Masters EX relatively late in the day in the US to sync up with a daytime release in Japan, Nemona's debut is set to take place at 1 PM GMT on August 8th, or 9 AM ET in the US. Fans suspect the release could be meant to sync with the debut of a Pokemon Presents. 

The timing makes sense for a few reasons – The Pokemon Company has yet to release full details about the upcoming Teal Mask DLC, which is set to be released in the fall, and the Pokemon World Championships are just around the corner. At last year's World Championships, The Pokemon Company highlighted several announcements from a recent Pokemon Presents during the opening ceremonies. Plus, Pokemon Sleep recently launched while Pokemon Go had its own major update, so a Pokemon Presents would serve the franchise well in highlighting recent games.

However, the Pokemon Company also had a featured spot in a recent Pokemon Direct, so it might too soon for another release. Plus, some fans wonder whether a Pokemon Presents really makes sense so close to the Pokemon World Championships, especially as so many fans of the franchise will be en route to Japan. The Pokemon Company also hasn't said anything about a Pokemon Presents, so this of course is just speculation at this point.