Pokemon Fan Makes Strange Discovery About Red & Blue 25 Years Later

A Pokemon fan over on Reddit has made a strange, yet incredible discovery about Pokemon Red and [...]

A Pokemon fan over on Reddit has made a strange, yet incredible discovery about Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, 25 years after the pair of games released into the world via the Nintendo Game Boy. Taking to the internet's most popular forum, one user revealed that, in passing, they heard in a YouTube video that you can get five free Pokeballs from Professor Oak after the second rival fight. And like everyone in the replies to the viral Reddit post, they had never heard of this, which prompted a little investigation, which in turn produced some fascinating results.

The cliff notes are, yes this is true, but a certain set of conditions need to be met first. And these conditions are so specific that it's no surprise nobody came across this factoid in the 25 years since the game released.

As the Reddit user notes, in order to trigger this, you will need to have beaten the rival fight next to Viridian City. In addition to this, you can't have the Boulder Badge yet. And lastly, you can't have obtained any Pokeballs yet. This includes not just buying them, but finding them.

What does this mean? Well, as the Reddit user further notes, this means that not only do you have to beat the second Rival fight with just your starter Pokemon (which would require a fair bit of grinding), but you need to do all of this and then think to head back to Pallet Town to talk to Professor Oak. And if you played either game, you'll know there's zero reason to do this. That said, if you do all of this, you will get five free Pokeballs for your troubles.

Free Pokeballs in R/B/Y testing from r/pokemon

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