Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Get Gorgeous Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card debuted some stunning new cards featuring the Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced "Triple Beat," a new Japanese sub-set for the new Scarlet and Violet series og cards. The set focuses on the three Starter Pokemon and includes Illustration Rare versions of all three Pokemon, which all look absolutely stunning. You'll likely recall that Japan has a different release schedule than other parts of the world. These cards will likely be released outside of Japan in June as part of the second Pokemon Trading Card Game set for the Scarlet & Violet series. You can check out the Japanese versions of all three cards down below:

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is shifting to the Scarlet & Violet series starting in March. The new card set will be more expensive than past products, but will also feature more rare and holofoil cards to make up for the price increases. Additionally, the Pokemon Trading Card Game will be re-introducing -ex cards to the game, which are more powerful than standard Pokemon cards but still need to be evolved in order to be put into play. Some of the -ex cards have an additional mechanic that prevents them from taking damage while on a player's bench. One interesting wrinkle is that Scarlet & Violet will also introduce the first Kadabra card in over 20 years, via the Japanese Pokemon Card 151 set. 

Expect to see Pokemon Scarlet & Violet cards appearing in stores starting in March. These particular cards will likely be released in June. 

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